Emails and SMS with tokens to confirm the start will be send on Saturday, 9 March.

  1. You can confirm your start online only if you get an email or SMS with a link from us. Each athlete has a different link! You must not send your link to other athletes. If you do, others can change your confirmation!
  2. Check also your SPAM folder for email from address:
  3. Click the link you got from us which starts with:
  4. Click enter on the webpage with your token
  5. Tick the events you want to confirm and download the confirmation – it’s your only proof that you confirmed the start
  6. If you click “save and download confirmation” you go to a webpage where you have to click DOWNLOAD PDF. If you do, you have the proof on your device. You can print it.
  7. Now you can go here:, choose your event and see the green tick sign after your name.

Didn’t you receive an email or SMS from us?

Please send the following data:
– full name;
– email address;
– phone number

Thank you.