• Athletes must come to Call Room at the start location to collect their chips (attached to the competitor’s shoe), from 8:30am and no later than 30 minutes before the start.
  • Coming to Call Room later than 30 minutes before the start will result in disqualification of an athlete.
  • Polish and English will be the main languages used at Call Room.

Representative dress + BIB Number

  • All athletes MUST wear a national vest. All advertising on athletes’ clothing during competition and award ceremonies must comply with WA and WMA regulations in terms of size and content.
  • All athletes will receive three BIB numbers and twelve (12) safety pins in their start package. The athlete must wear two start numbers properly attached to his/her vest, one on the front and one on the back. The third number is to be placed on the athlete’s bag.
  • BIB numbers may not be cut, bent or otherwise modified under penalty of disqualification.

Own nutrition

  • Nutritional items will be provided following WA and WMA regulations.
  • Competitors with their own nutrition products will leave them at a designated place at the start line before 9:30 a.m. Personal nutrition products will be marked with the competitor’s start number. In addition, the athlete must specify at which nutrition point they are to be placed (number Table 1 or Table 3 – see map).
  • Personal nutrition products will be available at the tables provided for this purpose. No more than two official representatives from one country may sit behind a table to dispense personal products to competing athletes.
  • No nutritional products may be dispensed outside the nutrition area.
  • National representatives may not interfere with the race in any way.
  • A competitor who receives or collects a nutritional product or water from a place other than the official points or takes another competitor’s nutritional product should, for the first such offence, receive a warning from the referee usually by showing a yellow card.
  • For a second offence the referee will disqualify the athlete, usually by showing a red card.

Other regulations

  • The marathon will start at 10 a.m. Men and women will start together. The marathon (two laps) will start on the roadway in front of Arena Toruń and finish on the track of the City Stadium.
  • Competitors’ personal bags should be marked with the start number and will be kept in a safe place.
  • Competitors are not allowed to bring or use radios, mobile phones, cameras/cameras or any other electronic devices in the competition area.
  • A maximum time will be set to complete the marathon – 6 hours and 3 hours for the first lap.
  • After 6 hours it will be recorded that the competitor has not completed the race (DNF).
  • Participating athletes may not be accompanied by runners, people on bicycles or other means of transport.
  • Results will be given in the finish area.

Toilets will be located at the start, 8km, 12km, 28km, 32km and the finish.

The depository is located at the finish line of the marathon (Municipal Stadium). All bags handed in must have the competitor’s start number pinned to them.

Refreshment tables:

  1. water + personal refreshment
  2. water, bananas, chocolate
  3. water + personal refreshment
  4. water, bananas,