Team events:

  1. 5km Road Race Walk;
  2. 8km & 6km Cross Country;
  3. Marathon.


Composition of a team

  1. If there are three (3) or more athletes in the same age group from a country, the registration of a team is NOT required. Team awards are based on the combined times of the first three (3) athletes of that country in each age group.
  2. To form a team where a country does not have three (3) athletes in the same age group, all of the WMA/EMA Competition rules listed in rule 13 must be followed, otherwise the team will be disqualified.
    1. The Non-Stadia team registration form is available at the TIC and must be submitted to the TIC at ARENA Toruń before 17:00 on the day before the competition for Cross Country, Marathon and 5km walks.
    2. Athletes who joined an age group team can only have the right to an individual medal if their own age category is in the race of their composite team.